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小動物塔羅牌 - 燙金重製版【限量預購-含特典套組】【Animals Tarot- Pre-Order】

NT$ 1,200.00
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Shopping Information

Maruco Animals Tarot Cards Remastered  - Limited Pre-Order Set

小動物のタロットカード リマスター版 - 限定予約セット



1. 78張小動物塔羅牌(單面燙金)

2. 黑色燙金絨布袋(放置於盒內)

3. 創作理念小冊(非使用說明)

4. 上下蓋硬紙盒(燙金)


※卡片尺寸:12.5 × 6.5 cm(單面燙金)

※外盒尺寸:8 × 14.5 × 5.5 cm,方便攜帶

※卡片材質:日本櫻花卡 360 g/m2,單張約 0.4 mm,表面撲克油膜,質感滑順。




◆訂單若包含預購商品, 我們將於預購商品到貨後一併出貨。若希望現貨單獨出貨請分開下單, 謝謝!

















※香港中國寄件地址若為非工商地址或偏遠地區,每件將收取港幣 $30 附加費。




1. 小動物タロットカード78枚(片面箔押し)

2. 箔押しベルベットバッグ(箱の中)

3. クリエイティブ・コンセプト・ブックレット(説明書ではありません)

4. 上下蓋付き段ボール箱(箔押しあり)



箱サイズ:8×14.5×5.5cm 持ち運びに便利です。

カード素材 桜カード360g/m2、1枚約0.4mm、表面ポーカー油膜、滑らかな手触り。




















【Contents of the standard set】

1. 78 small animal tarot cards (foil stamped on one side)

2. black foil bag (inside the box)

3. Idea booklet (not instructions)

4. cardboard box with top and bottom lids (hot foil stamping)


Card size: 12.5 × 6.5 cm (foil stamped on one side)

Box size: 8 × 14.5 × 5.5 cm, easy to carry.

※Card material: Japanese cherry blossom card 360 g/m2, a single sheet of about 0.4 mm, surface poker oil film, smooth texture.

Hand-painted watercolor, not AI drawing!

If you like my work, please follow me on IG:@maruco_art


◆If your order includes a pre-ordered item, we will ship the pre-ordered item(s) together with the pre-ordered item(s) when it arrives.If you would like to have the item shipped separately, please place a separate order.

◆Hot foil stamping is a manual comparison, if there is some offset and scratches are normal.

◆It is normal that there will be some mottled effect when hot foil stamping.

◆The cards are made of paper and have some paper texture that causes bending.

◆If your card is not neat after opening, please use your hand to slightly fold it directly after purchase to make it fit.

As shown in the picture:


◆The product does not include photo decorations and frames.

◆Defects→If the card has missing, incomplete printing, large dirty, folded to, please contact us as soon as possible to replace the replacement card.

◆Non-defective→If the color, thickness of the paper texture, feel smoothness, belong to the personal feelings of the degree of difference, non-defective can be returned to the scope of exchange.

◆Non-defective→Paper prints will be more or less scratched/offset/paper slightly bent/printed small noise (within 1mm) can not be avoided, non-defective returnable range, please consider carefully before placing an order! Thank you!

◆Booklet due to the thicker paper, mounted binding, some micro-cracks, wear and tear is normal (as shown below), such as the perfect degree of goods and feel more demanding buyers, please consider before ordering.

Please consider before ordering if you are more interested in the perfection and feel of the product:


◆ Overseas customers please note that the purchase of goods may need to pay customs duty, if you do not accept to pay customs duty, please do not buy, thank you.

▲There is a waiting period of about 2 months for shipping to the United States.

▲Please accept the waiting time before ordering.

▲About US orders: We can only ship to the US mainland, not to Hawaii or Guam.